The Bipolar Barbie Diaries


A 10 part series documenting the life of author Bipolar Barbie and her battle with mental health issues. It begins the moment she noticed something was seriously wrong and continues over the next 7 years, carefully documenting her daily battles and successes. 

It is the most in depth look at what it is truly like to live with chronic Mental Illness. 

It is raw, brutally honest and incredibly relateable!


 Part 1 :Drowning in the Seas of Mental Illness

Part 2 : Wading through the Waters of Hell

Part 3 : Limbo

Part 4 : Lab Rat

Part 5 : Confessions from the Psych Ward

Part 6 : Recovery

Part 7 : Hiding in Plain Sight

Part 8 : Menstruation Nightmare

Part 9 : Shut Up and Listen

Part 10 : The Book of Revelations

Release Date

Estimates Worldwide Release Date

May 2020


It will be available in paperback and ebook editions on all online book sale websites including Amazon. 

It will also be released in an audio book format as well. 

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