When a fan calls you a gold digger

2 thoughts on “When a fan calls you a gold digger

  1. Hi, My sister in law is bipolar I can relate to your struggles. Luckily for her she has a supporting loving husband of 40 plus years. Because she has been on medication for so many years she now has kidney issues and is trying to get on a kidney transplant list. She is a mom and has one young grandson. She is super smart and has the ability to say funny jokes. She is amazing. Her mom died from alcoholism, so she is not a drinker. She has not done drugs other than to treat her Bipolar disorder.

    My husband is not Bipolar, but Austisic with Asbergers. He struggled for years in many ways because they didn’t know about Autism back then. He abused alcohol and drugs. He had anxiety and low self esteem. I came into his life in 1982 and saw a man that I knew could have so much potential if he go help. Help does not mean your issues are over. In fact it is learning which medication helps the most and living with it. He cannot see that the medication helps him behave better. He can’t see what our daughter and I see. Our daughter is a nurse (RN) and because we need him to take this medicine and want him to take it so we can enjoy being around him. Besides us enjoying him more he is happier and more content in life. He’s not perfect and medication lessons his reaction to life issues.

    He has anxiety, depression burst of anger sometimes really over the top for which a normal person would handle it. Sensitivity to sounds and lights. He can’t stand windshield wipers. Too much talking. He gets over stimulated easily. He hates traffic and get irate and says aware words. He is more negative than positive. He has compulsive disorder which means he gets addicted to things for example, he use to drink too much alcohol, use to abuse drugs many types, gambling many types and lastly his iPhone the news he’s watching news from his iPhone constantly.

    He is a perfectionist, he thinks his way is best, but let’s me be me. We have been married 31 years and together 37.
    I completely get him and understand him. He’s a good man, a good father and grandfather. He’s a good dedicated husband that does so many things for me. He really wanted our daughter our only child to not go down the same path as he did. He was super supportive of us having horses and competing. Our daughter was great at sports and we traveled to rugby games all across the USA. He is 68 years old even though he is on medication he can still have anxiety or a little depression. Less anger outbursts because of the medication. He hates airports the kiosks and lines. If he travels by himself especially with granddaughter we have the airport staff assistance help him get to gates so his stress level is lowered. He’s super smart and highly gifted with math and science. He just does not handle stress well. I do 99. 9 percent of the driving when we are in a car. It keeps the stress down for him and me. I’ve learned to cope better with his disability but the medication is why we are still married (Bupropion) is the medicine that works for him.

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