Symptoms of Bipolar Depression

    Bipolar symptoms during a depressed phase may include:

    • feelings of sadness or hopelessness
    • loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities
    • withdrawal from family and friends
    • sleep problems (often excessive sleep)
    • loss of energy, feeling exhausted
    • physical slowing
    • low self-esteem
    • feelings of guilt
    • problems concentrating
    • suicidal thoughts
  • What is a major depressive episode?

    Having a lower, depressed mood with a loss of pleasure, nearly all the time.

    Other symptoms of a major depressive episode, include:

    • feeling sad, empty, hopeless
    • weight changes
    • problems sleeping or sleeping too much
    • fatigue
    • feeling worthless or guilty
    • having difficulty concentrating or making decisions
    • thoughts of death or suicide.

    To be classified as a major depressive episode these symptoms have to be felt for more than two weeks and have an impact on how you can cope with life at home, work or school.

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