Bipolar Barbie's Support Group

Free Group


This group is for people who need a little extra support in their daily lives.

It is a free alternative to the full Mastermind Program and is aimed at those who want to make a serious commitment to bettering themselves on a daily basis.

It is for people who are passionate about recovery and obtaining peak mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

It is intended to help you stay motivated, focused on goal setting and charting your progress through daily journalling.

You don’t have to have mental health issues to be a part of the group! You just have to be willing to share HONESTLY, OPENLY and be passionate about committing to your own personal GROWTH and EVOLUTION.

What's included:

  •  Access to the Facebook Support Group 
  • Access to the Facebook Group Educational Units ( Carefully curated information to inspire, inform, motivate and expand your mindset to transform all areas of your life!)
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly  Journaling Templates 
  • Access to Mastermind Monthly Seminar Recordings

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